Marietta Symphony Orchestra


The Marietta Symphony Orchestra is committed to providing the highest quality performances of orchestral music to the Marietta community.



The mission of the Marietta Symphony Orchestra is to enrich the musical life of Marietta, Georgia by offering a wide variety of live orchestral music performances to the community in a variety of venues and in a new and engaging way.  We will model our concerts on less formal presentations, much like you would hear in a jazz venue.  Engagement from the stage by speaking and welcoming everyone, less formal attire, and encouragement of immediate feedback are just some of the ways we will transform the classical music experience.


The Marietta Symphony Orchestra was incorporated in the state of Georgia on January, 17, 2017. The organization is in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status from the IRS. Paul Scanling serves as Board President, Executive Director, and Music Director. In the small, non-profit world, this qualifies his real title as CEO (Chief Everything Officer). As the organization grows and develops, part time and eventually full time staff members will take some of those duties.